• Gem Inspired Paintings
Gem Inspired Paintings

Kathleen has been fascinated by gems and the study of geology since childhood. She creates highly detailed representations by applying a process using heated wax, mineral powders, ink, and gold and silver gilding. She endeavours to invoke the essence and vibration of each gem creating a landscape of rivers of colour and mounds of mineral powders. Whenever possible, Kathleen includes the gem along side the painting at no extra cost. Please view her latest series.....

Birch Tree Paintings

\"The birch tree derives its name from the Germanic root word ‘birka’, meaning to shine. The birch tree has been instrumental in helping peoples of the northern climate survive due to a multitude of uses. For centuries, people have built with it, clothed themselves and made a sweet drink from it’s wood. The list of its versatile uses are long, so it is not difficult to understand the birch’s spiritual importance in history. Yes, the birch tree is a popular subject for artists, but I can never tire of this shining lady of the forest.\" - Kathleen Thorsen

Crows and Nests

The history of crows and ravens can be traced as far as the 1000 year old Norse Mythologies and the most common bird symbol in world mythologies. These highly intelligent and social birds still exert a powerful hold on our psyche as the bringers of messages and warnings.

Bee Paintings

Encaustic painting is a mixture of pigments added to heated beeswax and is the oldest method of painting originating in Greece in the 5th century B.C. It is only natural the mysterious bee holds an honoured place as a favourite subject matter. The bee has been associated with fertility, perfect models of human society, mediators between the natural and underworlds. They also symbolise the ability to accomplish the impossible! The last attribute holds a deep and personal meaning for Kathleen.

Animal Spirit Paintings

\"Having the privilege of meeting a wild animal in its own habitat is nothing less than magical. These are paintings from memory and a tribute to their spirits past and present.\" - Kathleen Thorsen


Always a delight to the eyes with an unworldly appearance. This potent flower is deeply connected with deep rest, dreams and release of pain. Poppies are the flower of inspiration often sent to us only in our dreams. ‘\' Gleams from remote worlds visit the soul in sleep” - Shelley

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